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Hi, we're Lumi.

We’re an evidence-based wellness company that helps women transform their lives - for good.

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How does Lumi work?


Lumi integrates the latest in psychology and behavioural science to help you create lasting change. Understand your patterns and triggers, heal from past wounds and regulate your nervous system.


With a dedicated coach you'll get the support, strategies and accountability you need to achieve your goals - in all areas of life. Feel empowered to take action, create new habits and hit your goals.


We've harnessed the most effective, evidence-based techniques to change your brain and distilled them into a simple yet powerful process. You'll increase your neuroplasticity, create new neural pathways and rewire your brain for the life you want.  

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The life you want is so much closer than you think.

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We're committed to helping you totally transform your life in an easy and sustainable way.

Everything we do is driven by our mission to help women create positive, lasting change in their lives. We believe in long term results, not quick fixes.

We know that by helping you heal the core of what is keeping you stuck, you’ll be able to make the change you want in your life - and make it stick.

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Lumi's are creating lasting change in all areas of life:

You deserve to create the life you dream of.

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