The Ultimate Guide for Women: How to Find the Right Life Coach for You in 2024

February 19, 2024

Introduction: How to Find the Right Life Coach for You

You’ve decided it’s time to take the reins of your life, and you’re all in on finding a life coach to help you skyrocket to your goals (go you!). But now comes the biggie: picking the right life coach for you.

Let’s lay it down: the coaching world is like the Wild West – unregulated and packed with everyone from genuinely amazing coaches to, well, not-so-great pretenders. It’s on you to tap into your inner detective, using your intuition to spot the coach who’ll truly help you create the life of your dreams.

We’ve created the ultimate guide for navigating the life coach landscape in 2024. With this powerhouse of insights, you’ll feel empowered, ready to zero in on a coach who’s not just good – but perfect for you.

Let’s dive in! Here are our top 8 things to consider when looking for your life coach:

1. Look for a coach who specialises in women’s needs

Ladies, as women we have unique and specific needs. We need a coach who understands what we’re really going through and the challenges and pressures we face.

Let’s be honest: we’re constantly juggling – trying to nail that elusive balance between many competing roles, feeling the pressure to lock down the perfect partner before some arbitrary deadline, all while our biological clocks are ticking louder by the minute. Add to that that as women we run on a 28 (ish) day hormonal cycle that has its monthly ups and downs (which is actually a beautiful thing and one of our strengths but most women don’t know how to harness this power).

Honestly, our plates are overflowing, and our minds? They’re racing. It’s a lot, to put it mildly.

When you’re on the hunt for a life coach, it’s crucial to find someone who gets it – someone who truly understands what it means to navigate life as a woman. You need a coach who’s not just throwing generic advice your way but is dialled into how to harness and embrace your strengths as a woman.

Here at Lumi, we’re all about tuning into what women really need. We get the pressures that come with the territory – the societal expectations, the balancing act of motherhood and career ambitions, and everything in between. We’re not just about surface-level support; we dive deep into women’s health principles, including working with your cycle/hormones, and embracing your natural feminine energy.

2. Find a coach who specialises in the specific area of life you want support with

Diving deeper, it’s not just about finding a coach who understands the feminine experience; you also need someone who’s a master in the specific area of life you’re seeking to enhance. This is key to ensuring you’re not just getting advice, but the right kind of powerhouse support tailored to exactly what you’re navigating and aiming to conquer.

So ask yourself: what area of life are you most wanting to transform? 

At Lumi, we’re all about that specialised touch. Whether you’re navigating the dating scene, aiming to level up in your career, seeking clarity on your life’s purpose, working through trauma, or wanting to embrace your feminine, we’ve got you covered. Our offerings include Relationship Coaching, Dating Coaching, Business and Career Coaching, Life Purpose Discovery, Trauma and Nervous System Healing and Feminine Energy Coaching – all designed with women in mind.

3. Consider how much time you can dedicate to coaching

Ladies, we’re juggling a ton. We know that your plates are full as it is, so you might be wondering if you even have time for life coaching.

Now, when it comes to coaching, some programs might ask you to put in extra hours between sessions – we’re talking anywhere from a quick hour to a whole day’s worth of “homework.”

Here’s the deal: you’ve got to make sure this extra work fits into your already packed life. Be honest with yourself – how many spare hours can you genuinely commit to without tipping the scales of your sanity?

It’s all about finding that sweet spot where growth happens without adding to the overwhelm. Because let’s face it, we’re all about making life richer, not busier.

At Lumi, we’re all about making sure that the work doesn’t feel like work. We get it – your to-do list is already a mile long, and the last thing you need is another task to check off.

That’s why we ditch the traditional “homework” and instead, craft personalised “integration practices” just for you after each session. These aren’t tasks; they’re your new rituals that seamlessly blend into your day-to-day life, making personal growth feel like second nature. It’s not about adding more to your plate; it’s about making personal development your way of life.

4. Look for a coach who has a holistic approach (cognitive and somatic)

Have you tried talk therapy, or known someone who has tried talk therapy, but haven’t been happy with the results? 

The reason so many women feel frustrated with talk therapy is it misses a big piece of the healing puzzle: the body.”

For a long time, the world of personal development, coaching, and psychology has been all about the mind. But guess what? The last decade of research has flipped the script, showing us that our bodies are major players in our healing and transformation game.

It’s not just talking about your thoughts and beliefs; it’s about how those thoughts and beliefs show up in your body.  You see, we don’t experience trauma in our mind, we experience it in our bodies – so we have to include our bodies in our healing and transformation process.

Here’s an amazing fact for you: when it comes to your nervous system, only about 10-20% of the information is being sent from your brain to your body. The rest? A whopping 80 – 90% of the information flows from your body to your brain.

This means that if your coach or therapist is just doing cognitive/talk based therapy then you’re only working with around 10-20% of your nervous system – you’re missing a massive 80-90%. Crazy, right!

That’s exactly why finding a coach who works with both your mind (cognitive approaches) and body (somatic approaches) is non-negotiable. We’re talking about a holistic approach that embraces every part of you, paving the way for transformations that aren’t just deep—they’re durable.

At Lumi, we’re all about the full package. We blend mind (cognitive) magic with body-based (somatic) wisdom, ensuring we’re tapping into every bit of your potential. When you’re working with both body and mind, you will see real, lasting results.

5. Beware of lock-in contracts

We’ve heard too many stories of women trapped in pricey coaching contracts they want to escape but can’t. Here’s a heads-up: be wary of any coach pushing you to sign a deal that ties you down for months on end.

Sure, there’s gold in sticking with a coach long-term. It allows you to dive deep, peeling back layers upon layers in a way that jumping from one coach to another just can’t match. But here’s the thing – that commitment should come from loving the journey and seeing real results, not because you’re handcuffed by a contract.

We’re firm believers that a coach worth their salt doesn’t need to lock you in to keep you around. Their magic should be enough to make you want to stay.

That’s the Lumi way. No lock-in contracts here. Just a simple, flexible monthly subscription you can hit pause on or cancel anytime. Because we know if you’re truly loving your Lumi Coach and seeing the transformation you came for, why would you want to leave?

7. Strong Track Record

You know what’s scary? These days, anyone can throw up a website and call themselves a life coach. But when it comes to your healing and personal growth, you’ve got to be picky about who you’re handing the keys to.

You should be scouting for a coach who’s not just talking the talk but has a solid history of transforming lives. How long has that coach been coaching? What do their past clients say about them? These are all questions you should be asking yourself when considering hiring a life coach.

And if you’re curious about Lumi’s track record, we’ve supported hundreds of women from more than 20 countries. The Lumi Method is fueled by a decade of client research and hands-on development – with Lumi, you can trust that you’re in safe hands.

8. Find a Coach You “Click” With

Finding a coach who resonates with you is absolutely key. When there’s that magic “click” with your coach, you’ll find yourself more open to sharing the raw, real parts of you. You’ll trust their wisdom and direction way more than with someone who just doesn’t get you on that deeper level.

So, when you’re on the hunt for a life coach, ask yourself:

  • Do I feel at ease with this person?
  • Do I feel secure in their presence?
  • Do they truly understand me?
  • Am I tense or uneasy around them?
  • Do they really get me and what I’m facing?
  • Can I trust them with my journey?

The best way to answer these questions? Meet them.

Most coaches offer a free intro chat to see if you’re a good fit before diving into a program. Use this golden opportunity to ask everything on your mind and let your intuition weigh in.

At Lumi, we want you to feel safe and confident when choosing to work with us. That’s why we offer a no-strings-attached 45-minute Lumi Session for anyone thinking about joining us. In your complimentary Lumi Session you’ll:

  • Meet your Lumi Coach
  • Learn more about what it’s like to work with us,
  • Discuss what you’re looking to change
  • Your coach will then create a personalised Lumi Roadmap for your journey with us so that you know exactly how your coach will help you achieve your goals.

After this session, the ball’s in your court – zero pressure.
Ready to see if Lumi’s your match? Book your complimentary 45-minute Lumi Session here.

9. Look Out for One Size Fits All Coaching

You want to make sure that you’re not getting a generic, cookie-cutter style coaching program. Your coaching program should be tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Ask what your potential new coach’s process or framework is for working with you, and ask how flexible that framework is. We’ve heard too many stories of coaches who stick to a rigid process or framework despite their clients needing something different. You want a coach who is able to recognise your needs and adapt their style to suit what will best work for you.

At Lumi, the way we work with clients is completely custom and bespoke. From our custom Integration Practices that are designed for you following each Lumi Session, to your Custom Lumi Roadmap which details your bespoke healing and transformation process, your experience in Lumi will be tailored just to you. 

To have a Custom Lumi Roadmap designed for you, book a complimentary Lumi Session here.